Dead, dead

On the first day of school this year, Elena showed up to the lunch line with her twenty-five cents for milk. The cost of milk last year was thirty cents but a nickel subsidy meant that we needed to send her to school each day with a quarter.

"This year," the lunch lady told Elena, "it costs thirty-five cents for lunch." Not only did the subsidy go away but the cost of milk went up by a nickel as well.

"Well," said Elena still offering her quarter, "my mother was unaware of this change."

The woman smiled and took her quarter and gave her milk. I'm sure they were prepared for many of the children to come in a dime short on this first day of school.

As it turned out, Elena's mom was unaware of this change. It's much funnier to hear it from an undersized six year old.

There are many changes we are unaware of and some that I'm looking forward to. People have written to tell us that at some point the times during the day that we remember something about Elena will become some of the happiest times in our day. We haven't made that transition yet. They always make us smile but then there's a beat and we remember that this supply of stories is not endless.

Patti posted a comment on the blog about a transition that her son Jack has gone through that I have just noticed myself going through as well. She reports that Jack told his teacher,  "I just didn't think she was really going to be dead, dead, you know?".

Yeah. I know.

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