I'm looking for a puddle this weekend. I'm not particular about what sort of puddle so I'm pretty sure I'll find one.

There are some people who are picky about their puddles. Not too big. Not too deep. Not in the middle of the street. Not too muddy. Not too dirty.

Me, I'm looking for a puddle. And I don't much care when I find it.

There are some people who only jump in puddles at certain times of the day. Not first thing in the morning. Not when I need to visit someone important later. Not when I'm tired. Not now.

Sue was telling me about a child all dressed up in her yellow splashing boots who was looking for a puddle to splash in. Most of them had dried up but she found this one pitiful little puddle and jumped in feet first and left with a big smile on her face. There's something about putting on boots and jumping into puddles with abandon.

There are some people who only jump in puddles when they're wearing the right sort of boots.

Actually, I understand not jumping in puddles without the right shoes. You could walk around in squishy socks the rest of the day. You could be wearing really nice shoes that you don't want to stain.

If I find my puddle while I'm wearing nice shoes, I may jump in anyway. When I catch people glancing down at my shoes I'll study the look on their face. If it's disdain – I won't bother. But if it's amusement or curiosity, I'll tell them about the puddle I saw that I had to jump in.

Of course, if you don't want squishy socks or water soaked shoes, you can always take your shoes and socks off and roll up your pants and splash around.

Once you're willing to do that, maybe a puddle isn't big enough. Maybe a fountain. A fountain where they allow you to go wading through. Or the edge of a lake or a river or ocean.

Too much planning. This weekend I'm looking for a puddle.

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