Mother’s Day

Published in: on May 14, 2006 at 12:53 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. I hope Kim has a blessed Mother’s Day!
    Your family is in my prayers always,
    Thea Leticia

  2. You are all in my thoughts, today with particular poignancy for Kim, an extraordinarily wonderful mother to Elena and Maggie. Beloved sister, my heart is with you.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day Kim…you and your family are in my thoughts today.


  4. Scroll back up and read Daniel’s entry for Mother’s Day. Read it again. It is the part that is right below “Mother’s Day.”

    You’re right. Nothing. Nothing at all written in real words. His silence in written words speaks volumes about their hurt today. We feel their pain today especially. Take the “Happy” out of Mother’s Day. There is so much pain in this day. Not just for Kim but for all the Mother’s who have lost daughters or sons. What about the women out there who want to be a mother but can’t for one reason or another?

    Does anyone take time to think about and pray for these women on this “day”? I blame our ministers. I can remember when we were in church that second sunday in May and they asked Great Grandmothers to stand up, then Grandmothers, then mothers… get the picture. A few women are left seated. How demoralizing. How tragic.

    Too much emphasis is placed on the number of flowers sold and the number of cards sold.

    A lot of women hurt earlier today. They are still hurting. They will hurt for quite some time. It doesn’t end at midnight tonight. For one reason or another, they are hurting. We need to pray for them and remember them on this dark day.

  5. She will forever be Maggie and Elena’s mother… no one or no disease can take that away from her. (This is true about being the father too!)

    God Bless you both.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  6. Thank You for making me a better mom. I hope you, Kim and Maggie know how many lives you have touched.

  7. My daughter died on
    mothers day morning.

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