Father’s Day

Published in: on June 18, 2006 at 7:31 am  Comments (8)  

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  1. Daniel, you and Kim and Maggie are very much in my thoughts today (and most days, it seems). May you find some comfort in the knowledge that you are a great father to your kids.

  2. Daniel, you’re an amazing father! I’m thinking of you today. May the pain not be overwhelming this Father’s Day. I hope you’re able to have fun with Maggie.


  3. Enjoy Father’s Day with Maggie.

  4. Daniel,
    I read your blog everyday and I hope you, Kim and Maggie are able to enjoy today. You are a gifted writer and Elena’s bubbly, precocious personality shines through. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. You are still a father of two. Always. Your parenting of Maggie remains active and constant. Your parenting of Elena is one that has taught, and will continue to teach, many of us how to be better parents, to live only in the moment, and to cherish each minute, each hour, each day. You did exactly what you were supposed to do as her father for almost 7 years. You taught her how to love, live, laugh and learn. I am sure that she represented these lessons each and every day that she was here. And you and Kim were also blessed to be taught her lessons, and share in her life, though way too short, but a life that seems to have been full of happiness and joy and one that was rich with the teachings of her dad and mom. Fatherhood extends way beyond the present, way beyond the grave. It is a way of living and being, and, though we have yet to meet, I would hold you up there with the best of the best. Happy Father’s Day!

  6. Daniel, I’ve been thinking about you all day–because it is Father’s Day. Another father I know who lost a child says, [child], where ever you are, be blessed.

    What I think is, grief never ends. But it has its rhythms: sometimes flooding, and latterly, more like a trickle. Never gone, but not so overwhelming.

    I’m not much of a religionist of any stripe, but the line from the Episcopal liturgy speaks to me:

    “The peace of the Lord be with you.
    And also with you”

  7. Hi Daniel,
    Thought about you alot yesterday. We had a weird day as well, spending our first Father’s Day with no father/grandfather, no family get-together, nothing. Just letting you know we are going to borrow some of your extra, great dadness when we see you next month.
    Filling in the gaping holes a little bit.

  8. I agree with Charlotte. You are still Elena’s father. Her passing away doesn’t change the fact that you are, and always will be her father. It is much the same for me and my twin brother. Although he has been gone for 19 years, I am still a twin, and always will be one.

    The loss of a person often seems to make us question our identity, at least in respect to our role with that person. Elena’s death may make it seem to you that you are no longer her father, but that isn’t true.

    Happy Father’s Day, and my heart goes out to you, Kim and Maggie.

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