I’ve written more than once about the image of Elena doing her homework the night before she died. I’d like to suggest these homework assignments for you.

If you knew Elena, please think of a story about her that you can share on this blog on her birthday of March 3. I’ll post a place to do so then.

Whether or not you knew Elena, think of someone you loved who has died and write down some story about them somewhere anywhere. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but capture some memory of a parent or a child or a sibling or a friend who is no longer here.

If you are a parent, think of some story you want to capture before it disappears. The details will fade faster than you know and then your are telling a second hand or third hand story. Again, you don’t have to share it with anyone, but write it down.

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  1. I can’t wait to read the stories about Elena, I am sure they will be wonderful.

  2. I only wish I had one to contribute.

  3. I had been checking the blog a lot lately, checking in. It has been hard not to think of you and your family as February approached. Just watching my kids, especially my own whirling dirvish of a 7 year old it breaks my hear all over again. I think of Elena when I walk my dog past Elena & Pat’s garden early in the morning. Or driving past your house on the way to this place or that and wondering how you all are doing. It’s good to know that you will be surrounded by loving friends and family at this very difficult time.

  4. Thinking of you today. You’ve given me a conviction to write down the stories of my two-year-old boy. Thank you. Sending blessings.

  5. Dear Daniel and Kim,
    I have gotten lost in many thoughts of you and Elena today. You are incredibly generous to share so many wonderful posts today and reach out to us the way we all wish to reach out and offer comfort to you. I’m sure you are both aware that there are lots of folks thinking of you today, and I really hope you can somehow FEEL all that love that surrounds you. Elena’s gifts continue to touch many hearts and encourage us all to live life more joyfully and lovingly. We send hugs to you and Maggie and wish you peaceful hearts… Mary Anne

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