Kim and I had to run up to the grocery store for a minute. Maggie was playing at a friend’s house. As we headed in to Heinen’s we ran into Diane and her mother on their way out.

We stood outside and talked for a while. Diane is the math department secretary at Case. We’d talked a lot while I was there. Kim’s office was right down the hall from Diane’s and it might even have been Diane who suggested I go down and talk to Kim.

Diane turned to her mother to introduce us saying, “this is Daniel and Kim. You’ve met them before. They both used to be at Case.”

We talked a little bit with the mom and a little more with Diane and then they carried their groceries to their car and Kim and I grabbed a cart and went into the store.

I looked at Kim.

“I know,” she said. It’s one of the many things I like about her. She and I often know what the other is thinking.

“Still,” I said.

“I know,” she said again.

Diane’s mom hadn’t really known who we were. She was just being polite. Kim and I both knew — or assumed we did. When we’d gone into the store, the mom had looked quizzically at Diane had said, “those are the people who lost their little girl last year.” And then the mother would have remembered who were were.

I know.

Kim and I got home and finished putting away the groceries about the time that Ruby’s mom brought Maggie home. Kim was putting laundry in the washing machine so I walked out to the car. We didn’t yet know Ruby’s parents very well and I thought I should say something about Elena. I don’t know why, but I felt it explained a lot.

I started to say something and Kathy cut me off and said, “I know.”

And then, as if she was reading my mind, she added, “everyone knows who you guys are.”

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  1. We are still with you. *hugs*

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