Spring Snow

We’ve had an odd Spring. It was warm and wet and beautiful early and so the flowers started to bloom and the trees started to bud. And then the snow came back.

The garden for Elena and Jan had come to life as if putting on a grand finale for Jan’s husband George before he moves away. It was that shock of color after a long winter that grabs your attention and brings you back from months of not paying much attention to the world around you.

And then it snowed. It snowed a lot.

First it snowed a little. The flowers shrugged off the flakes and pushed their heads through. Their color was all the more striking against the white background.

Then it snowed more. A heavy, late-season, Easter snow that blanketed our world. You could no longer see proud flowers standing up beneath the snow. The stems were bowed over. Kind of sad that the garden would be ruined this year.

But as the snow melted, the flowers stretched a git and shook off the weight they’d supported for a week and began to stand up tall again. For the most part, the flowers had made it through the snow and the garden looked like nothing had happened.

People started to weed it again, to water it again, to walk their dogs past, and to notice it.

A spring snow always makes me smile.

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