The Year of the Rabbit

A brown rabbit paused on our snow covered driveway a month ago.

I tapped Kim on the shoulder and pointed. It was the start of the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the rabbit and there was a rabbit just outside of our kitchen window.


Peggy, the Chinese woman living with us this year, is the year of the dog. “That means,” she explained, “that I am twenty-eight years old.”

If you’ve looked at your placemat in most neighborhood Chinese restaurants then you’ve probably looked up the year you were born to figure out your animal in the Chinese zodiac. Of course it can be used the other way around. Once you know someone is the year of the dog then they are either twenty-eight or some multiple of twelve older or younger.

Kim and Maggie are both the year of the rat. I’m the year of the boar.

Elena was a rabbit. Along with her Chinese name we have an image of a rabbit on her gravestone.

On the new year I was thinking of my little rabbit running across a field with her head tipped back so her hair flowed behind her. Most of my memories of Elena have her embracing life and doing something with abandon.

If you’re going to do the hokey-pokey you might as well skip to the part where you put your whole self in and you shake it all about. No need to be coy and just put an arm or a leg in.

With those memories of Elena, I headed off to the cemetery to spend some time at her grave. There was snow everywhere. Deep snow. The only footprints in her section were animals. I walked across the snow covered graves towards hers. There was a solid crust on top of the snow. I stomped down near where her headstone should be and my foot broke through and sunk way down. I was up to my knee in snow with no real chance of finding her stone.

I pulled my foot out of the hole I’d made and stood for a minute. If this were a movie, a rabbit would appear from behind a bush and wink at me. It wasn’t a movie. And it was getting a bit cold. I brushed off the snow and headed back to my car. It will be the year of the rabbit all year. I can come visit her another time.

I’d never thought about it but the Chinese New Year is yet another axis for memories. We have stories of friends and families that come up each year when we celebrate different holidays. Telling and retelling these stories become part of our tradition. We have stories we tell on Christmas Eve’s and Passover Seder’s and Fourth of July’s. We remember where we were for those holidays and people who are no longer with us by telling of the year that something happened..

For the Chinese New Year in addition to these memories of celebrating the holiday each year there are these extra leaps backwards of twelve years. We ring in the year of the rabbit — do you say “ring in” for Chinese New Year — and you remember. You remember other rabbits or you remember the last time it was the year of the rabbit. I also think ahead to next time.

Twelve years is too long. Who can predict where they’ll be twelve years from now or what they’ll be doing? What will the world be like the next time we celebrate the year of the rabbit?

Silly to ask.

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  1. I have missed Dear Elena. thank you for a new post, and a rabbit.

  2. Happy Birthday Lovie!

  3. A beautiful post.

  4. A wonderful entry. A friend pointed me to this blog. You grace your readers with your sharing. Thank you.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. She was such a wonderful girl.

  6. Again today, Elena’s made the world a better place

  7. Thank you. This post could change a life.

  8. Thank you for sharing Elena May Peace and a long, clear memory always be with you.

  9. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Your loss will never be forgotten, your Elena will live on through your memories of her. Thanks to Patterico for mentioning you on his site, very moving tribute to a special girl lost too soon.

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