Beta Testing

When the social worker from the hospital called, I didn’t answer the phone.

We get so many telemarketers that when it came up as “Unknown” I ignored it.

Hospitals probably shouldn’t block their numbers.

But when I tapped on my iPhone to see if there was info for the call, a transcript appeared.

In Voicemail there was a label: Transcription Beta and below it

“Hi Daniel my name is Emily and I’m calling from Metro Hospital your wife _____ was in a car accident and she’s here at Metro if you could give me a call my number is” and the number appeared.

I tapped the number and immediately was calling Emily back.

I’d like to give some feedback on the Transcription Beta to Apple:

Thank you.

Without this it might have been hours before I found out about my wife’s accident. Apple always talks about how they focus on how their software and hardware can improve people’s lives – this new feature has already had a positive impact on mine.

I’m guessing it was created so that people can glance at their Apple Watch and see the text of missed phone calls. Whatever motivated this feature, I’m so glad I had the latest betas of iOS and Watch OS installed. The transcription beta told me about Kim’s accident and made it easy for me to follow up.

While we were at the hospital that night waiting outside of the operating room for her surgery to finish I got another call which silently went into voice mail.

I tapped on it.

“Daniel this is _______ the Garfield Heights Police Department this is a reference to an MBA involving Kimberly please give me a call back [phone number and other info…] I’m the reporting officer ____ 24 thank you…”

One small bit of feedback. It would have been helpful to have the name of the officer included. I don’t know if there are legal reasons that the names were dropped but Garfield Heights shares dispatch services with other departments so it would have helped to have the officer’s name. I didn’t realize until later that 24 was his badge number.

That’s a tiny nit – in both cases having the transcription got me the information quickly and made it easy for me to tap on a phone number to respond.

Thank you to the engineers who created this feature.

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