Thanks Lyle

I sat down to write something for the blog about Kim today.

I just haven’t been able to keep a thought in my head.

I know – some days will be like that – but still.

So while I sit at the keyboard, I’ve been playing music that Kimmy liked and used to play for me.

She was much better at keeping up with new music than I. Sorry, I haven’t kept up with the songs she listens to lately.

So instead I listened to some of the classics.

I started with Warren Zevon. That led me to John Hyatt and then to Lyle Lovett – Kim and I went to see them just last year in Akron. A night with Lyle Lovett and John Hyatt where the two of them alternated playing songs.

The first song on “My Baby Don’t Tolerate” took my breath away.

Tell me this isn’t my Kimmy:

“She’s as cute as a Bug
Short as a minute
She’s a pretty little package with
Everything in it
I’ve said enough
To praise God above
I’m crazy in love
She’s as cute as a Bug”

(Cute as a Bug by Lyle Lovett)

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Still so hard to believe.

Kim’s actual time of death was exactly a week ago … now.

7 am Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

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