To the family of…

The details of Kim’s accident must be public. We’ve received several packets from law firms seeking to represent us.

I’ve always heard of ambulance chasers but never saw their work first hand.

I’ve seen their ads on television but getting their glossy brochures and DVD’s sent next day delivery is a whole other thing.

I open them to make sure it’s not something I need to take care of. Kim’s job cut her insurance at the end of the month – a week after she died – so I am on the lookout for the actual packets I need to replace this insurance quickly.

So mixed in with the may kind cards and letters from friends and family are these packets from lawyers addressed to “the family of …”.

They wouldn’t be contacting me if they didn’t think there was money to be made – money they can make.

There is nothing comforting or reassuring about their attention.

This approach must work, or they wouldn’t do it.

Contact people right after a tragedy, express outrage, present yourself as someone who can help them – this strategy must work enough that it is worth them trying.

I can’t imagine making a living that way.

Forget the lawyers at the firm.

I can’t imagine being the person who prepares the packet and mails it.

Perhaps they feel they are really doing the recipient some good.

Wait, there I go again trying to explain away this behavior as being possibly reasonable and well-motivated.

They could wait until I was ready to think more clearly about what they are saying. They could make a more personal approach. They could skip the pages about damages they’ve won in the past and focus on my actual loss.

But they are in a hurry to beat out other people for my business.

That’s what this is to them – business. A chance for them to make money.

They’re not sorry for my loss.

They’re thinking about their gain.

Right now, they’re contributing to my loss.


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  1. I got these also when my mother died in a car accident. The lawyer I actually hired to represent me said they were illegal in California, and I gave them to him so he could report the lawyers to the state bar association. I don’t know if they are also illegal in Ohio, but you could save them to find out when you feel ready. I took some satisfaction in making life difficult for the ambulance chasers, who seemed like vultures to me at the time (and still do).

    PS No need to make this public, it’s just FYI for you.

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