My mother’s eulogy for Kim

This is the eulogy that my mother, Priscilla Steinberg, wrote for Kim and delivered at her funeral.


When Maggie came and made me a grandmother, I was thrilled. When she was very little, Daniel would bring her to Oberlin to nursery school while he taught at the College. We would pick her up after school and enjoy her for the afternoon until Daniel was through with his day.

One day on the way to school he and Maggie had something like the following conversation:

“You call your mom’s mom MAMA what do you think you will call my mom?” They both came up with MAMA TOOTS. I thought that was pretty special.

Kim thought it was cool too.Not only did she call me Toots,  but so does her large extended family and friends. I love it!

I adored Kim from our first meeting and was so delighted that Daniel had found her, Since I dislike the word in-law, I never thought of her as a daughter-in-law but as my daughter who was always kind and always thoughtful and very  patient.

We would talk on the phone about every week or so for at least an hour about everything, politics,

people we knew, food, travel whatever. She was very insightful and quietly said what she thought.

The only thing I ever remember disagreeing with her on was which one of us was taller. I am sure I won.

For years Kim and I met at the Palace Theater to attend the Broadway Series events. Ira would drop me off there and go hang with Daniel. After the show,  Kim and I would go to the house and we would all have dinner.  Such Special times!

A week ago today I sent KIm an email to see if we could meet the 3 of them for dinner before Maggie left for school. She usually answered right away but not that day.

Everyone here and everyone who ever knew her, knows all the things special about Kim. We depended on Kim to be there for us for a long time.

I am so glad that I have known Kim, my wonderful, caring friend for the past 24 years.


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