Helen Sheehan’s eulogy for Kim

Helen Sheehan delivered the third eulogy for Kim. We met Helen and her wonderful family when Maggie started Kindergarten at Boulevard school. She and Helen’s daughter Kerstin have been friends since then.


God’s peace and blessings to each of you. My name is Helen Sheehan, a friend to

Kim, Daniel and Maggie.

I look out today and am awed by the faces I see; those who loved Kim as a daughter, a sister, a second mom, a wife, a mum; those who grew up with Kim, co­workers, neighbors, friends and patients. I know we share the palpable anguish, shock and grief that has haunted us since last Friday.

I feel honored to address you, especially Daniel, Maggie, Geri, Tom, Priscilla, Ira,

Caroline, Jeff, Tommy, Patti, Jill, Ethan, Rona, all of the cousins, Aunts and Uncles.

Kim is unforgettable.  Her quick wit and sharp tongue were evident when I least expected it. This pales in comparison with her genuine kindness and willingness to help others. Everyone present today has received first-hand something wonderful: Kim Diemert gave you EVERYTHING she had. I was blessed to have received a small part of her influence.

People get to know you in different ways and with different titles we assume.

With Kim and Daniel, it began with our kids at Boulevard School. Maggie and Elena. Hannah and Kerstin. Getting to know Kim was so comfortable, so easy because Kim made it easy. Kim exuded compassion for her family and for others and her humor was something I got…immediately. We both talked about the best part of this bumpy ride called life and we both concluded it was being a


Kim stepped in for me as mom on more than one occasion, coming to our house to put false eye lashes on Hannah for her Halloween costume. I thought it would be OK to use superglue. I got the official Kim response, “Really? What are you thinking??!!” She also stepped in while the band went to Turkey. Kerstin was pretty ill with severe bronchitis and Kim committed to making sure she was OK, taking her meds, drinking fluids, sleeping and mending. Being thousands of miles away, Kim and Daniel stepped in the gap to parent for us.

Kim and I shared many interests; politics [I could always count on Kim to LIKE my political FB posts], local issues, floating on Lake Erie and just talking, but most of all, Band. We were there for the band performances over the past 6­8 years; marching band [Kim helped with uniform assignments], wind ensemble, squad day performances and other musical feats with another mom, Kim Rosner. The 3 of us had our own bench high up on the 50­yard line so we could see all the kids, wave and embarrass our kids [well, mainly mine]. We huddled under blankets Kim brought, shared teacher stories, mom stories, ate cheeseburgers that we shouldn’t have, laughed and cried, especially during the final performances from Maggie, Kerstin and Tyler. We even went back to see the performances after the kids graduated. We were saps. The performances weren’t as electrifying as when our kids were there, but they brought the closeness we shared back for a few fleeting moments.

We carried each other. We cared and cried with each other. No matter what. We consoled each other in times we thought would never get better. But they did. With Kim by our side and helping us.

Kim and I would share travel notes often. She loved to see the world, especially when she could go with Daniel and Maggie. Their trip to Scotland was our most recent travel discussion. Kim thought that our next trip should be to Scotland and she would show us the places she loved. She wanted to share her travel experiences with others, especially ones like Scotland and Ireland. She would have been thrilled that Kim and Bill Rosner are beginning their trip to Ireland in a church. Kim Rosner and I both thought, What would Kim say?

Indeed, ‘What would Kim say’ about all of this? Can we all close our eyes and think what the room mom, the field trip chaperone, brownie leader, soccer mom, volunteer, speech pathologist would say? Can we imagine what the daughter, sister, cousin, wife, mom would say? What would the lover of Daniels baking and cooking, especially his breads, the knitter, the fusser, the fixer, the second mom say?

I have some idea what Kim Diemert would say. I have heard her say these

MULTIPLE TIMES. I know I am missing some that all of you can fill in.

“I know” [4 versions]

“That’s silly” [3 versions]

“What are you thinking?”

“What’s the big deal?”

“Oh, Daniel” [3 versions]

“Oh Maggie” [3 versions]

“Are you kidding?” [2 versions]

And most recently, “I know, There’s a reason for everything”

The last saying tugs at me the most. How many times has Kim said this? I don’t know; but when she said to to me during some dark times, it was what I needed to hear. She knew how to do that. Say the right thing at the right time.

Kim’s death is definitely not a journey; it is state of being. I cherish every moment, even the most intimate, sharing in her death and will look to hear her answer my question, ‘What would Kim say?’

God’s blessings, peace and grace to all of you.

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