It’s been a month since Kim’s accident.

A month since I got the phone call from a social worker telling me that her hand had suffered significant damage.

Talk about burying the lede.

A month since Kim’s accident.

That’s the word we use.


And almost a month since Kim died.

I tried using the phrase “since Kim was killed.” It felt more accurate but it didn’t change anything.

“Killed” is more active than “died”.

But I’m focused on Kim and not on the driver of the semi so I suppose I will use the word “died”.

Nearly a month since Kim died.

But, “accident”?

Accident doesn’t seem to cover it.

I know it’s the word we use to indicate that it wasn’t on purpose.

I believe many things about the other driver but I can’t imagine how this would have been a deliberate act.

Negligence? Bad driving? I don’t know.

Somehow accident doesn’t say enough.

I use words for a living and I can’t find the right one.

This has been a horrible month for me, for Maggie, for Kim’s parents, for my parents, for Kim’s siblings, for my siblings, for the many in each of our extended families and for so many friends around the world.

A horrible month since Kim’s accident.

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  1. Yes it has.

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