Make a Wish

It’s my first birthday without Kimmy in a quarter of a century.

On the first birthday we were together, she was one of the friends that I had over to my apartment for a Chinese meal I cooked.

I think she and Jodelle came early to help me cut vegetables and meat and assemble the dishes. I know she stayed after everyone left to help me clean up.

A year later we’d celebrated my birthday as a married couple in our new house half a block from my apartment.

A month and a half ago on our anniversary I told Kim that in a few years we would have been together more years than we would have been apart.

Turns out, we won’t.

Maggie and I will go out for a late breakfast this morning and head over to the gym this afternoon. All things considered, I think that’s the best birthday possible right now.

Other than that, I’m going to catch up on email, pay some bills, and write some more thank you notes.

I never do much on my birthday – this year I’m feeling it even less than other years.

I don’t know why I’ve waited to post my eulogy for Kim. I’ll do that today as well.

No cake.

No candles.

Just a wish that Maggie have a long and happy life and that her mom lives on through both of us and the many people she touched.

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  1. I remember that birthday of yours so clearly! At first I was amazed that you, the birthday boy, wanted to cook for us, your friends. I recall saying we should take you out, cook for you. So grateful to have been a part of it. Hoping today was okay… sending you hugs!

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