Annabelle likes to play fetch.

Not fetches – fetch.

She rubs up against my arm with a ball in her mouth or her stuffed fox until I stand up and follow her.

She runs up the stairs and waits for me to follow.

There are rules to this game. She has carefully taught me the way this game is to be played and I follow along.

She teases me a bit before allowing me to take it from her mouth. I turn and toss it down the stairs and she bolts after it and tracks it down.

Then she lays down and plays with it. No amount of coaxing can get her to play a second time. Maybe in an hour.

I love this game. I think she does it for my benefit more than hers. It forces me to get up and walk up a flight of stairs.

We play fetch then she goes back to sleep and I go back to work.

Those are the rules.

Kim used to think the game is crazy but I think Annabelle is keeping me young, making sure I move now and then.

Now I have the benefit of thinking about Kim every time Annabelle comes over to nudge me into action. It makes the game even better.

The fox was originally a squeak toy but Annabelle finally chewed it open and removed the squeak toy.

Kim sewed up the fox but soon Annabelle had opened her up again and pulled out the stuffing.

Kim stuffed in an old (clean) pair of underwear and sewed the fox up again.

Annabelle chewed the fox open and pulled out the underwear.

This was the game that they played.

Kim must have re-stuffed and sewed the fox back up every few weeks.

Last week I found a pair of Kim’s underwear in the middle of the living room.

I looked around and there was Annabelle lying next to the fox which was much skinnier than usual and had a hole chewed open in its neck.

I stuffed the underwear back inside but didn’t sew the fox back up.

Annabelle trots around the house with the fox in her mouth but she hasn’t ripped the stuffing out since.

There are rules to this game. If I won’t play it right, she’s not playing.

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