Extended Family

I watched game two of the World Series alone.

Maggie was invited to watch the game somewhere else so I made dinner – a soup from oyster mushrooms and corn – and sat down to watch the game alone.

That’s not quite true. Annabelle watched it with me but it’s not the same.

At least it was a home game. She’s pretty smart for a dog but I think a double switch would have been beyond her.

Friday night was different. I was invited to a Halloween party and Kim’s cousins’ house. Maggie had to work and I almost didn’t go – I’m so glad I did.

I walked in to find a house filled with little kids in costumes. So cute. It was a house filled with life and love and family. Kim’s family always serves good food and lots of it.

I worry about making other people feel uncomfortable. I feel as if I bring the memories of death with me. Sometimes I make things worse by saying something awkward – not quite inappropriate, but awkward. Fortunately, Kim’s cousins (and their cousins) were so nice and welcoming.


Gametime was something else.

They have a huge television hooked up to a speaker system.

The screen was beautiful but the sound was disconcerting. I had no idea that Fox was sweetening the sound. There were sound effects and music under almost every element. It’s, unfortunately, like being at the ballpark. Now there is music or some activity in between every pitch at the ballpark. The game doesn’t breathe the way it used to. We don’t talk about the game with the person next to us like we used to. Television coverage is following suit.

None-the-less, the mute button was hit during every commercial break. We talked easily about the game, about each other, and about nothing in particular.

The game came back on and the mute button was hit again.

After four innings I looked at my watch.

I should head home before Maggie gets back from work.

Wait, you can’t go without this.

Without what? We’d had barbecue, cheesey potatoes, cole slaw, chips, many kinds of dip,…

I hadn’t had the lava cake.

They packed me a big plate to go so I could split it with Maggie.

I got home and turned on the game. I took half of the lava cake. Maggie came home a half hour later and finished the lava cake and watched the rest of the game with me.

The Indians won game three.

Kimmy, it’s looking like the Indians might win the World Series.

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