First Date

The Wednesday that Maggie and I were in Paris was the twenty-fifth anniversary of my first date with her mother.

Kim and I first went out “on a date” on January 25th.

January 25th, on the 25th anniversary of Kim and my first date, Maggie and I went to a restaurant in Paris that Kim and I had visited each year.

Maggie and I sat at one of the tables in the kitchen. It was the only meal that week that I ordered wine with dinner.

Cheers Kimmy.

Twenty five years earlier Kim and I  went to see the “Heidi Chronicles” at the Cleveland Playhouse and then went to the University Circle Arabica and talked until they closed.

We went out off and on for the next few months but it wasn’t serious enough for her to take me to her sister’s wedding as her date.

That never bothered me but Carolyn still shakes her head when she thinks about it. “She didn’t bring you?”

She didn’t bring me.

Kim’s friends and families prepared big boards filled with pictures of her over the years for her wake and funeral. One of them was a picture I’d never seen of the flowers I’d had delivered to Kim in-flight on her way back from a cruise with her girl friends.

Even that wasn’t enough to tip our relationship into really dating.

Kim always said that what did it was when I told her, “enough. I really want to go out with you, but if you’re not interested, I’m going to go out with other women.”

And I did.


That was July 25th.

I came home from my date with another woman to find Kim waiting for me.

January 25th was the day I first went out with the woman I wanted to marry. July 25th was the day we both knew it would happen.

Although there was that day that I saw her with jet black hair and a bad perm and asked her when it could go back. I immediately knew that that was wrong. I could have lost her right then and there. Fortunately, I didn’t.

I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day and we were married August 8th.

We’d just gotten to the point where Kim could remember all of those dates (and my birthday). She probably remembered the date I made the hair comment. I didn’t.

January 25th is always a special day for me.

It’s the anniversary of my first date with Kimmy.



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