This morning I saw the sun rise.

I took it as a sign that today was going to be great.

I know people who see signs everywhere.

They ask for a sign and they see it.

I don’t worry about them. I don’t question them. I don’t think they are silly or wrong.

These people are happy and going about their lives. They just are thinking about someone or something and want something in their environment to chime in.

I worry about the people who wait for a sign and don’t do things because they haven’t gotten the sign yet.

It’s kind of like a study about pessimists and optimists where they were given a newspaper and told to find some item. In the newspaper was a large ad that told them where to find the thing they were looking for.

The optimists saw the ad and found the item. The pessimists didn’t.

The sign was there for both to see.

Some saw it. Some didn’t.

All day long I get up from my chair and I head somewhere. I may head down the hall to the bathroom, to the kitchen for a snack, to the backroom to get something, upstairs for a minute, or to the dining room to grab the checkbook.

If I stand up around five o’clock, Annabelle pops out of her chair and follows me.

She takes it as a sign that I’m about to feed her.

She runs and stands by the stairs to the basement because we keep her food on the landing. If I pause at the landing she then runs to the kitchen and stands over her bowl. I don’t know if she’s waiting for me or helping me figure out where to bring the food. Impatient, she runs back to her food bag then back to her bowl to make sure I understand.

I’ve stood up all day but when I stand up near five o’clock, that’s a sign.

Last night I stood outside a moment after taking the garbage out.

The sky was so clear.

The stars just popped.

This morning I watched the sunrise as I made my coffee.

The sun rises every day.

It’s a big freaking sign.

It’s why it’s so important that we notice it.

It asks, “what are you waiting for?”

It reminds us of the empty day ahead of us that welcomes us to accomplish our dreams.

After something sad or tragic happens we don’t notice the sun rise.

We dismiss it as something that happens every day.

We think that there will be other sun rises.

There will be.

We might not be there to see them.

And even if we are, think of the days that just went by without us embracing them.

Annabelle’s morning routine is different.

She doesn’t wait for a sign.

She jumps at the back door until I let her back in and she runs to where her food bag is.

I follow her and scoop a cup of food and turn to see her running to her bowl.

I close up the food bag and she runs back to me – just making sure I haven’t forgotten.

She gets excited twice a day, every day.

I know people who don’t.

They’re waiting for a sign.

The signs are there.

There were weeks when I didn’t see them.

This morning I saw the sun rise.

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