Brown Eyed Girl

Kim loved Van’s voice.

She loved music and knew so many more groups than I knew or know and I worked on air for half a dozen radio stations with various formats.

There were a lot of records (and CDs) that we both owned before we were married. Van Morrison’s “Moondance” was among them.

End to end it it an album filled with memories.

We had a flutist and guitar play the title song at our wedding just before the ceremony.

I had the lyrics to “Into the Mystic” printed in the program for Kim’s funeral.

“And when that foghorn blows, I will be coming home.”


It means so many things in song, in poetry, and in prose.

I don’t know why that song is about a life remembered as a loved one – a companion – dies. As they rise into the mystic.

“And when that foghorn whistle blows I want to hear it – I don’t have to fear it.”

Oh, Kimmy.

The first time we went to see Richard play, Kim requested “Brown Eyed Girl”. I think of her whenever I hear it.

“Standing in the sunlight laughing – Hide behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and a-sliding – All along the waterfall”

I wandered into Juma coffee shop and it was on the radio and I slipped through a hole in time and thought of Kim and our wedding and her funeral all fused into the few minutes the song played.

The song carried me back to when Kim and I were “Laughing and a-running”. Man, we had a lot of laughs. Twenty – some years and we could make each other smile and laugh.

But there’s more.

“So hard to find my way – Now that I’m all on my own”.

And Brown Eyed Girl is a happy song.

I’m still trying to figure out what to put on the side of Kim’s grave stone.

I considered putting her favorite phrase but you can’t really engrave “What an Asshole” in stone and display it on a monument to someone’s life. (Can you?)

I love the lines from Into the Mystic

“Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly ”

I’m not sure that’s right either.

I’m thinking of the line from Brown Eyed Girl, “Do you remember when we used to sing”.

I’m just not sure.

How do you capture a life?


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  1. Kim would be shaking her head and laughing about the first. Then say, “it’s so true.” I love Van Morrison also, funny, Kim and I never talked much about music. While nothing can capture her life, and I like both of your ideas( and it is totally yours and Maggie’s choice) I think Kim would would like the one from Into the Mystic. Maybe it’s a little , hmmm, happier isn’t what I’m looking for, positive, uplifting? I can’t think she would want something too melancholy to sum up her life. For what it’s worth.

  2. I love those songs too, for the same reasons. But I don’t think Brown eyed girl is a happy song. It’s about loss and memory and holding on to what we once loved and still love. For me, it summarizes my teen age years better than anything. it doesn’t capture a life, but it gives me back a moment of my past, an instant of reliving something so joyful that I can never forget. That’s a gift, and I think that we need those moments in our lives no matter how good things are going or how badly we feel. You can’t hold on to them, but you can always bring them back, if only for a moment. And it only takes a few bars of an old song. That’s wonderful.

  3. I just saw a video from a coach who explained in his past he was a transactional coach, but that he had gotten a second chance and was becoming a transformational coach. Someone who is selfless and invests in the lives around them. I would describe Kim as a transformational person,…she transformed and affected those she was close to in positive ways, she cared. That is one of the reasons so many loved Kim. Yesterday I was driving back from Pennsylvania on the same highway of that Friday last August. I was scrolling through the playlist and listened to Moondance (haven’t listened to it in 20 years). But when Into the Mystic came on, I sang out loud! Those lines of that song have a feeling of transformation and looking forward which reminds me of Kim.

  4. The wording will come to you. I can’t imagine the challenge in capturing Kim in this way on a monument. You’ll see it, or hear it, or write it yourself, and you’ll know it’s right. Don’t feel rushed.

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