The first time Kim and I ever went out on a date was January 25, 1992.

It was one of those divisions in time.

There was the time before I ever knew her.

There was the time when I’d first begun to notice her.

There was the time when we first became friends.

There was that night in January when we first went out on a date.

Then there was that period where we were dating but not quite committed to this being “it.”

That changed 25 years ago today.

That was the night that Kim and I decided we would date each other and no one else.

It’s the night that we knew we would probably end up married – and, because we were in our thirties, sooner rather than later.

She was still my friend before all else. One of my favorite things about my time with Kim was that we were always friends first. It was in our wedding vows – but it didn’t really need to be said.

There was also always a spark between us.

You know that feeling you get when you have a crush on a new love and you touch in some way? A hand grazes yours, your knees touch under the table, or she reaches out and puts a hand on your shoulder? That little jolt you feel. Your heart pounds a little more quickly. You relax into the touch and smile because of it.

That feeling never went away.

She used to smile and roll her eyes. I’d tell her it will be a sad day when I don’t feel that way about you. I never didn’t.

A couple of weeks ago I texted a friend of Kim’s and asked, “wasn’t it 25 years ago when you guys went on that cruise.”

Kim always talked about how their cruise was quite rough because of Hurricane Andrew.

I knew it couldn’t have been Hurricane Andrew for two reasons. First, Andrew was an Atlantic storm and Kim was on a cruise in the Pacific. Second, Andrew didn’t hit until August and Kim and I got together a couple of weeks after the cruise and we were together on July 25.

“How do you remember?”

I just do. I don’t remember everything but I remember that.

Kim could remember the dog’s birthday but not mine. She remembered her parents’ anniversary but not ours. There are a lot of things I don’t remember, but I remember January 25, July 25, and our anniversary August 8. They were all days in a progression of my relationship with Kim. There are other dates I remember along the way and since – but those are the ones I mark publicly.

Her friend texted me back that she wasn’t on that cruise but her sister was – she’d check.

Within moments she reported back that yes it had been 25 years and that it was Hurricane Darby that had rocked the boat they were on.

A few days later I got a nice card from her sister with two pictures. One of Kim wrapped up in a towel by the pool and one of her on the plane with the flowers I had delivered in flight.

I felt a jolt. My heart raced a bit. I smiled.

Kim still has the ability to touch me.

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  1. July 25 is a good day for me too…Sarah was born that day.

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