I began writing a book on the third anniversary of Kim’s accident.

I don’t mean the book was about the third anniversary. The book is about a programming topic called SwiftUI.

I mean that the date on which I began was the third anniversary of the day that a truck driver on his phone ran Kim off the road and killed her.

I hadn’t written a book in years and I didn’t know if I could anymore.

In the first year I was focused on Maggie and me.

I built up habits. Maggie was great at getting me to the gym. I was great at making sure there was food in the house and we were doing the every day and every week things that needed to be done.

The dog was fed. The lawn was mowed. Meals were served. The dishes were washed and put away. The dog was often walked.

Slowly I built up to presenting at conferences and doing training again.

Those took a lot of effort but they were focused sprints.

I could run hard and prepare for a week to deliver a one hour conference talk. (Yes, a good talk takes at least that long.)

Slowly I was doing things I needed to do. Though some habits disappeared.

When Maggie went back to school I stopped going to the gym. Maybe the occasional Tai Chi but not often enough. The dog was never walked.

I’d lost a lot of weight without thinking because we were doing so many things right. And then I stopped. And it all came back.

Go figure.

Did I have the discipline to write?

I didn’t know.

And I have a list of four or five books I’d like to write right now.

I just didn’t know.

So I was looking for a way that marked the third anniversary of Kim’s accident. That day when everything stopped.

And so I decided to start.

I don’t think I told anyone why I was starting then.

I didn’t make a fuss about it.

I just quietly announced that I was starting a book on SwiftUI and if you’d like to be a tech reviewer, Direct Message me.

People did.

A week later I sent out the first two chapters to tech review.

A couple of weeks later I sent out the next two.

A couple of weeks later I sent out the last two.

And then on my sixtieth birthday, I published it.

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