Twenty-one years ago, this very moment, I was having breakfast at a Bob Evans on Mayfield Road.

“How could you possibly remember that,” you ask.

I remember everything about that day.

I remember dropping a two and a half year old Maggie off at my in-laws at about eleven the night before along with Tara, our black Lab.

I remember waiting to walk into Hillcrest hospital until after midnight as the doctor had advised so that the partial day didn’t count against our insurance.

I remember sitting in a chair next to Kim’s bed, holding her hand and smiling at each other for hours as we waited for our baby to come.

I remember the nurse waking us up with Kim’s breakfast saying it would be hours until the baby was born. That I should go get breakfast.

“Go,” said Kim.

The nurse told us it would be a long day and Kim could use the rest.

I went.

It was snowing hard the morning of March 3, 1999.

I drove to Bob Evans and sat by myself and had a breakfast that would carry me through most of the day.

I went across to Golden Gate and picked up some games for Kim and me to play to pass the time. I think that was the first time we played Mille Bornes.

Memories of other days with Kim in the hospital confuse that day.

Me sitting next to her after her appendix operation.

Me sitting next to her preparing to let her go.

But twenty-one years ago today we couldn’t have been happier.

We had a beautiful daughter sitting at her grandparents’ house in her Winnie-the-Pooh chair drinking a coke, eating chips, and watching television.

Those things we wouldn’t allow her to do at home.

Those things that we felt no responsible parents should allow.

Those things that grandparents were invented to allow.

And she’s turned out quite nicely, thank you.

We had a beautiful daughter and were awaiting the arrival of our second.

Except Kim didn’t know it would be a girl yet.

I did.

Twenty-one years ago tonight my beautiful baby girl was born.

Her mom held her just before midnight and the world was perfect.

I still see that moment of Kim holding Elena for the first time.

I hold on to that moment and try to remember everything I can from that day.

That day my world was perfect.


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