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Published on February 23, 2006 at 11:03 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. Daniel wants stories, so here’s
    The duck duck goose story.

    I was pretty much the oldest of 50 or so cousins. My dad was one of nine siblings. there were so many kids in the family they had to use every possible name, and that’s why we have a Tom Dick and Harry. Uncle Tom, Kim’s dad, was one behind the middle child . Each of them had a handful or more of kids, so getting together at grandma and grandpa’s was a regular & frenzied Sunday event.
    Being the oldest, I was often designated to entertain the younger cousins,( and to hold the pee jar for the boys, since only the girls could use the one indoor plumbing facility) , while our parents were inside playing nickel- dime poker, or tending to the infants. The boys were easy to organize. I just started them playing a little baseball game using hats and gloves for bases. But the girls needed something else to participate in. Somewhere I learned the game where we all got in a circle, sitting down, and one person would walk around the circle touching each other’s heads, saying “duck, duck, duck…” As soon as they touched someone’s head and said “goose”, that person had to get up and chase that person around the circle and if they got to the open seat in the circle before getting touched, then the new “Goose” started the process over again. If the goose got caught by the person they touched, they continued to be the goose until they could make it around the circle and get a seat. It made for a Lotta laughs, especially when little ones, which Kim was in the mid 60s, became the goose. Short leg ones often got called out as the goose, to assure the former goose could get back into a seat. Cousin Joey had to even the odds by picking her up while she kicked her little legs and carry her around the circle after she picks someone else to be the “goose”. Otherwise, she would never stop being the goose. As years went on, and her legs got a little longer, she was able to make it around on her own, without getting caught. That was a very special day for her, and all of us, the first time she changed from a goose to a duck using her own legs. She didn’t get picked as the goose very often after that, since she would always catch the previous goose, and I don’t think she ever became a goose again.
    And that, my friend, is the duck duck goose story.

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